Open to Possibilities

There are many people who believe life consists of what is proper, and they refuse to look at anything that does not fit their narrow mindset. They look at people of widely different ages, and their lip curls up in a sneer as they imagine what goes on between them. This type of person might suddenly find one day that their life contains little fun, and they might suddenly begin to wonder what they have been missing. Being open to the possibilities life offers them with others could be the start of the life they really want to lead, but they must let go of their preconceptions.

There are many people who were brought up to look at the world in a particular way, but not all of them will overcome it before they have aged past their ability to appreciate it. Some of them will be lucky enough to realize early in life that the job a person holds could have nothing to do with who they are as a person. Getting into a relationship with them could be an investment in future happiness, but they will never know if they stick with their own beliefs.

A person who is willing to explore the world as it really is can often find happiness, but they will have to push past what they were taught when young. They will be able to enjoy life with others if only they can overcome the artificial barriers set forth by their family, and they will be happier for it.

Many people find that opening new doors can close the doors that connect them to loved ones, but they must find a way to open those doors too. By helping their family see past the barriers they have erected, they can also help them find the life they were meant to enjoy.