Dismissing the Age Barrier

Now that people young and old have discovered the value of adventure in their lives, they are happier and healthier than ever before. This way of living has bolstered their positive attitudes and leaves little room for regrets. Few of them would ever change back, and they are better off for it. Living their lives completely has made a better world for them, and it will continue to enhance the lives of future generations.

There are few things in life that create a better attitude than finding joy in physical intimacy. People of any age can experience this, and many young adults and older retirees have found this enhances their lives in a positive way. Not all of them are in exclusive or long term relationships, but this has not stopped them from enjoying this age old pleasure. Younger people are more willing than ever to have a fuck buddy for this part of their life. They have found that fuck buddies do not detract from their life, but instead provide necessary relief without emotional entanglements.

Older people are often not ready to get into a long term relationship. They realize that catering to the needs of others has kept them from enjoying life, and they are unwilling to forego the pleasures they have earned. For them, no strings attached sex is a way to experience physical joy without any down side. It helps them to connect physically with another person, but it doesn't drain their emotional energy.

Not all people will find this type of physical intimacy to their liking, but it works well for those with few social inhibitions. They get to experience life and physical pleasure on terms they can accept. Being with an intimate partner, outside of a relationship, keeps their joyful attitude strong and healthy.