A Lifetime Friendship

Relationships, even long term ones, tend to come and go in the modern world. Friendships are those times when two people find they are compatible in many ways, but romance is out of the question. Some of them are put on hold if a spouse does feels threatened by the relationship, and others are constant no matter what relationship status either person holds. A lifetime friendship is when two people can find happiness together in almost any circumstances, and they will manage to remain friends until one of them passes away.

When one of the friends becomes deeply involved with a person they want to build a life with, it can interrupt the friendship for a time. The potential spouse might not like the best friend, or they might see them as an interloper in the relationship. There will be a time when the friends see each other only infrequently, but they will generally communicate on a fairly regular basis. Even if they drop their friendship for a while, they might still reconnect after a few years.

Spouses do tend to come and go these days, and a bad marriage can interrupt a friendship. Those who disagree with the choice of a life partner are often tossed aside, but they can become good friends again when the person who married badly realizes their error. Friends are fairly accepting when they realize the person has been hurt badly, and they will be there to help as the dust settles.

An enduring friendship is one of the best relationships anyone can have, and they tend to weather the storms of life. Even when two friends are separated by many miles and continents, they can stay in touch. They will give each other sound advice, sympathy and hope for the future as long as their friendship lasts.